SoccerLogic is a very powerful Performance Analysis software package that will enable the coaching staff to both determine and improve the level of performance. Having worked with the product, the capabilities and extent of the analysis available is very impressive, allowing the coaching team to assess the interactions occurring within the game to an unprecedented level.” Dan Bishop*

Video analysis

Sports coaches love video analysis; it is the method they prefer for studying performance. But are they using the best tool for the job?  Scientists doubt it“… while coaches are expected to be experts at observing and analysing performance, research has pointed to severe human limitations within these processes (1)”. Their research shows that coaches are likely “to see what they already know” (Goethe) as their knowledge and experience can get in the way of an objective analysis. They warn coaches that by trusting too much their intuitions they may be taking wrong decisions that can have a negative effect on performance.

Football data analysis

Football is a complex game. A football match is made up of many single actions that are performed by different players, in many different positions, and at different times during play. The sequence and timing of the actions is also important, and so is their outcome.  Such a large amount of information poses a great demand on the power of observation and analysis of even the most expert of coaches. They surely need some help to unravel this complexity. 

A solution is to balance video analysis by computer data analysis.  The latter has been around for some time, but only recently it has received some attention (see ‘The numbers game  - A football revolution’). For years computers have been used to analyse business performance, and help discover ways to make companies more competitive.  Why not use computers to analyse football, and improve the performance of a team? The development of SoccerLogic is based on this innovative thinking.

SoccerLogic - Football intelligence
“The secret of success is knowing something nobody else knows.” A. Onassis

SoccerLogic is an innovative system for analysing football matches that exploits the power of modern computer analysis (analytics) to transform match data into useful insights on the technical and tactical performance of teams and players. Using sophisticated analytic techniques, computers can perform an in-depth analysis of match data and distill from it many useful information that may escape any kind of video analysis.  Moreover they can do it very quickly, and provide objective and accurate results.  This information will help coaches verify and enrich their subjective (video) analysis of the game. Ultimately, it will enable them to make better decisions to improve performance, and gain a competitive advantage.

What is it?

SoccerLogic is based on:

  • A detailed tracking of all ball touches/events in a match using notation analysis
  • An in-depth analysis of this data with computer-based statistical and graphic methods

What’s new?

  • The availability of lots of  data on football matches (e.g. Opta data)
  • The development of very sophisticated analytic tools for an in-depth analysis of this data
  • A method of analysing match data developed by experts in analytics e data visualisation

Why use it? Benefits...

SoccerLogic enables the discovery  of valuable insights on how to improve the performance of a team, and gain a competitive advantage. No other football analysis system can provide such valuable information!

  • Performance can be evaluated in-depth, objectively and accurately
  • Performance can be accurately monitored for significant changes during the season
  • Factors that contribute to successful performance are identified (Success Analysis)
  • Fewer but more useful stats for the coach to study – only significant ones are highlighted
  • Performance analysis during a match, in real-time
  • Fast analysis - coaches have more time to digest, and exploit information
  • In-depth analysis of how rival teams play – better, timely scouting with fewer scouts
  • Can be tailored  to the requirement of each individual coach

How does it work?

The  analysis consists of three main steps:

    1. Data collection - all ball touches (time, player, position, action, etc.) in a match are coded from video (or live) using a PC and custom software. (Opta data can be used instead)

    2. Analysis of this data using advanced
    statistical and graphical methods to produce:

    • Performance statistics, charts and graphs
    • Graphic analysis of: position, passes, runs, shots, crosses, free-kicks, etc.
    • Link-play analysis:  graphic analysis of all passing sequence
    • Identification of link-plays, passing patterns, and tactics
    • Success analysis: finding patterns that predicate success

    3. Presentation - results can be viewed and further analysed on a PC by a coach and his assistants


For a detailed Powerpoint presentation of how SoccerLogic can improve the performance of your team and help it gain a competitive advantage, or to make an appointment to talk/meet one of us, please send an e-mail to